25.06.2015   A dedicated Seminar held at Salut from 24 to 25 June as yet another step towards implementing the In-House Center of Excellence for Gas-Turbine Engine Gearings
The advanced methods of geared wheel manufacturing were presented and discussed at a Seminar attended by designers and process engineers from the Russian companies of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) and experts from Klingelnberg (Germany). The event was intended to enable the bilateral... read more

18.06.2015   16-19 June, JSC “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” takes part in the international military-technical forum “Army-2015”
The first international military-technical forum “Army-2015” took place in Kubinka, Moscow Region, on the premises of Patriot Park on 16-19 June. As part of the joint UEC (“United Engine Corporation”) exposition stand, Salut presented the modernized AL-31F aircraft engine, intended for use... read more

09.04.2015   “Salut” to host a championship for professional workers based on World Skills standards
Representatives of more than 50 enterprises within United Engine-Building Corporation, students at vocational schools and colleges, will take part in the championship scheduled for September 2015. The event is intended to help develop new attitudes in manpower training for UEC’s... read more

08.04.2015   FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” was reorganized into joint-stock company
Reorganization of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” into joint-stock company is complete.The change of the enterprise’s legal form of organization was enacted in pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 621, issued 17 May... read more

20.03.2015   Salut’s Branch in Voskressensk to launch a project aiming to enhance the production system
New production system outlines are under study at the machine-building plant “Salut” in Voskressensk with a start thereto given during the task-setting conference chaired by V.N. Novikov, Branch Director. The meeting was to define the main organizational issues and set up the working team... read more

23.01.2015   Dmitri Medvedev was briefed on the ThechnoBREAKTHROUGH program during his meeting with project promoters from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives
On 20 January 2015, the Russian Prime-Minister Dmitri Medvedev convened a panel discussion to consider ways of boosting the business community participation in the development of the vocational training system to meet the emerging requirements of modern economy and enhancing the corporate... read more

15.01.2015   FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” fulfills production and supply obligations to OAO “Aviadvigatel” towards procurement of components for PD-14 engines for MS-21 aircraft
The central drive and accessory drive gearbox sets, featuring new design, were shipped to OAO “Aviadvigatel”, as part of PD-14 project, to meet the engine assembly timelines and facilitate bench runs and cyclic testing. To that end a formidable amount of work was covered by “Salut” specialists... read more

08.12.2014   Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister, has paid a working visit to FSUE Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” and chaired a meeting to discuss the current status and prospects of aeroengine-building programs
The high-profile participants of the meeting included Yury Slyusar, Vice-Minister of Industry and Commerce, Andrey Boginski, Director of the Aviation Industry Department of the said Ministry, Vladimir Babkin, Director General, FSUE “TsIAM”, Yevgeny Kablov, Director General,... read more

20.11.2014   The first round of flight tests completed at M.M. Gromov Flight Research Institute near Moscow for the AL-31F Series 42, Iteration 25.1 engine created by Salut
The first phase of flight tests, - from 14 October to 18 November 2014 - was completed at M.M. Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovski to check out the AL-31F Series 42, Iteration 25.1 engine on Su-30 flying test bench. The testing program included 8 flights aiming to validate new... read more

11.11.2014   FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” to take part in “Airshow China 2014” exhibition, 11-16 November 2014
The 10th China international aerospace trade show is held in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies of China, State Department of Defence Science, Equipment and Industry, Department of Civilian Aviation and a number of other... read more

30.09.2014   “Salut” successfully completes research and development of the new generation pyrolitic graphite based sealing components for prospective gas-turbine engines
The specialists of scientific-research engine building institute (“NIID” affiliate of FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut”) have completed the research for development of experimental process for production of submicron/nanoscale pyrolitic graphite based composite materials for... read more

15.09.2014   Lean Production Centre established at FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” under “Lean Moscow” program
Chief Engineer of FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut”, Mr. Yuri R. Nurtdinov, and Vice President of Moscow Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Sergey G. Shmakov, have signed the agreement on cooperation in lean production. Established as part of the “Lean Moscow” program implementation,... read more

29.07.2014   75th anniversary of Sukhoy OKB
The top management and thousands of employees of FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” send their heartfelt regards to Sukhoy OKB’s (Sukhoy Experimental Design Bureau) team congratulating them on the enterprise’s 75th anniversary. The renowned enterprise’s significance for the Russian... read more

15.07.2014   14 - 20 July 2014, FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” to participate in the international military and aerospace equipment exhibition, Farnborough International Airshow 2014, as part of the OAO “ODK” exposition
The exhibition, held in Farnborough (UK), includes model aircrafts, helicopters, aero-engines, electronic modules, spacecrafts and spacecraft components, airport equipment and infrastructure elements as well as technical servicing equipment showcase. FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC... read more

30.05.2014   A big UEC delegation to the 4th International Young Industrial Engineers Forum “Engineers of the Future” is to include young employees from Salut. The privilege of participating in the event was contended for during selection tests and training from 27 to 29 May, 2
To that effect, a series of business games took place at Salut to determine the best-deserving young contenders. The selection criteria accounted for teaming-up abilities, skills in logical solution finding and easy-going ways of public performance. The young engineers were also put through... read more

12.05.2014   Lead-up period for Salut entering the full-scale production of PD-14 engine components: first phase completed
A year ago, Salut started the preparations towards the prospective PD-14 engine component production for a new MS-21 commercial airplane. The manufacturing program for the company was to include the engine central drive assembly and accessory gearbox (AGB) with shafting. The first to... read more

30.04.2014   Ceremonies at FSUE “GTE RPC “Salut” in commemoration of the oncoming Victory Day
A traditional rally took place at Salut on 30 April 2014 near the Memorial to the Factory Workers Fallen During the Great Patriotic War. “We are proud to know that the war-time chronicles contain a chapter on the feats accomplished by Salut’s employees,” said I. Beskhmelnitsyn, First... read more

18.04.2014   FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” embarks on a new project to organize production of BK-2500 engine’s components to be used as part of the thrust system of combat helicopters employing engines with the power of up to 2500hp (1850kWt)
The aim of the new and potentially fruitful project is the establishment of full-scale production of BK-2500 gas-turbine engines at Salut. The project is being implemented toward fulfillment of the state defense order and the federal target program of the military-industrial complex... read more

15.04.2014   From 15 to 18 April 2014 VSUE GTERPC Salut took part in the International Forum Engine-building-2014 at All-Russia Exhibition Center.
The event was organized by the Association of aeroengines manufacturers (ASSAD) under support of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and JSC United Engine Corporation. The Forum participants presented the... read more

15.04.2014   The FSUE “GTE-RPC “Salut”-produced AL-31FN series-3 engine receives code letter “O1”
April 10, 2014 the AL-31FN series-3 engine’s design documentation was approved for full-scale engine production and assigned a code letter “O1”. Salut has completed a range of works to provide for supply to its Customer (PRC) of the AL-31FN series-3 engines, intended for J-10... read more

31.03.2014   60th Anniversary of Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine Group Corporation
The management and employees of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Gas-Turbine Engineering Research and Production Center “Salut” congratulate their colleagues from Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine Group Corporation and, personally, Mr. Yang Sen, Chairman of the Board, on this remarkable occasion... read more

26.03.2014   A Russian-Ukrainian Engineering Center to be created for joint development of commercial and military transport aviation engines
United Engine Corporation (affiliate company of OAO “OPK “Oboronprom”, which is part of the state-owned “Rostekh” Corporation) has prepared outlines of future activities for a newly created International Engineering Center aimed at developing engines for commercial and military transport... read more

25.02.2014   Salut has hosted an Aerospace Conference with British aviation and defense industry representatives
The British Aerospace Mission in Russia represented by aviation and defense industry players from the UK has paid a return visit to their Russian counterparts on 25 February 2014 to take part in another edition of Aerospace Conference hosted by United Engine Corporation and its... read more

21.02.2014   FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” establishes the technical-scientific board of young scientists and professionals.
The technical-scientific board of young scientists and professionals was established for the purpose of bringing together the young scientists and organizing the human resource development aimed at young professionals and ODK personnel reserve in accordance with Instruction No. 41 issued by... read more

21.01.2014   January 21, 22 FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” holds master class for line mangers and leading design departments of JSC “UEC”
The training course was organized to ensure subsequent implementation of the more efficient methods of product development under “LeanProductDevelopmentSystem” (LPDS) at the enterprises within UEC. Among the workshop’s participants are more than 40 design engineers and employees at the... read more

27.12.2013   The specialists at “Salut” and CIAM (Central Institute for Aviation Motors) are the first to resolve the issue of turbine blisk manufacture by reducing the design weight by 30%
As part of the government contract fulfillment, the employees of NIID (“Salut” affiliated engine production and technology research facility) and CIAM, acting under joint cooperation agreement, have completed the scientific project to produce a turbine blisk allowing a 30% design weight... read more

24.12.2013   FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” has successfully completed the first phase of engine longevity and performance bench tests in view of future deliveries of a new version of AL-31FN Series 3.
The AL-31FN Series 3 engine was run in the climatic test chamber of the Central Institute of Aviation Engine Studies in pursuance of a contract with PRC. The new engine variant has improved life-time (250 hours extension) and thrust (additional 1000 kg/f) performance versus its predecessor.... read more

04.12.2013   Corporate Forum under the motto ”Aeroengines of the Future” took place in Gelendjik from 28 November to 01 December rallying young cadres from the promotion list of the United Engine Corporation
The corporate event gathered young representatives from Salut, Saturn, Chernyshov MMP, PMZ, Klimov, NPP Motor and other major companies operating under the umbrella of the United Engine Corporation. Above all, the event planners were mindful of the need for the latter-day intake of... read more

29.11.2013   FSUE “Gas-Turbine RPC “Salut” hosted the XXXVII Session of the Interstate Council for Coordination of Partnership between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the Aviation Engine-Building Projects.
Within the vast agenda of the meeting, the Coordination Council, represented this time by 60 delegates from the engine-building companies of the two countries – most notably from AO Motor Sich, GP Ivchenko-Progress, GP Antonov, AK Rossiya, OAO Star, FSUE Baranov TsIAM, FSUE UNPP Molniya, OAO... read more

05.11.2013   The Fifth “Production Process Enhancement” Corporate Workshop (PPEW) will be meeting at Salut from 12 to 14 November with its agenda focused on a wider use of lean technologies to streamline the production systems of UEC constituent companies.
The PPEW meetings are viewed as a special form of lean technologies implementation based on teamwork-derived solutions versus hands-on problems of an enterprise. They already proved to be instrumental in obtaining sizable concurrent improvements in four crucial areas: personnel, quality,... read more

05.11.2013   “Engines of the Future” Forum to take place in Gelendjik resort area on the Black Sea from 22 to 24 November 2013.
The resort town of Gelendjik is to provide a venue for budding top managers and prospective industry leaders from FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut”, OAO “NPO “Saturn”, OAO “Moscow Chernyshov Machine-Building Enterprise”, OAO “PMZ”, OAO “Klimov”, OAO “NPP “Motor” and other high-profile... read more

31.10.2013   FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut” receives a visit from Colonel-General Xu Qiliang, Vice-Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission.
On October 31, 2013, the high dignitary from the PRC heading an official delegation, invited by Sergey Shoygu, Russian Defense Minister, visited Salut - one of Russia’s largest aircraft engine manufacturer and supplier for a number of foreign customers, including China.During the red carpet... read more

24.10.2013   Salut’s contribution to a museum in Siberia
Today, the Altai Museum of Aviation in the regional capital Barnaul has had its collection of technical exhibits replenished with three decommissioned aircraft Mig-27, Mig-23 and Su-20 donated by FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut”. In Siberia, this museum is a unique institution, where... read more

24.10.2013   Humanitarian aid from Salut to the flood-stricken population of the Russian Far East.
The Emergency Situations Ministry of Russia is carrying out air shipment operations to provide the disaster areas with vital supplies, which are to include this time 1 500 “wonder ovens” (PK-1B heaters) from Salut. The small size of one such unit (350x400x370 mm) and its weight (5 kg) make for the... read more

FSUE «Gas-Turbine Engineering Research and Production Center «Salut» for the third time organizes the Annual Youth Technological Forum «TekhnoPRORYV» from 26 to 28 June on its premises. «TekhnoPRORYV» is a training technology, specially developed for training the production enterprise staff... read more


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