Ceremonies at FSUE GTE RPC Salut in commemoration of the oncoming Victory Day

A traditional rally took place at Salut on 30 April 2014 near the Memorial to the Factory Workers Fallen During the Great Patriotic War. We are proud to know that the war-time chronicles contain a chapter on the feats accomplished by Salut's employees, said I. Beskhmelnitsyn, First Deputy Director General, in his salutation address to the war veterans, older workers and newer generations of the company's employees. That is why every year we come to rally around this Monument, which bears engraved the names of all Salut workers who died during the Great Patriotic War.

The war veterans, company's executives and honorary guests then laid wreaths and flowers onto the Memorial basement. One minute's silence was observed in remembrance of the fallen.

In accordance with well-established corporate traditions, the rally participants were witness to the solemn banner presentation ceremony, whereas later in the day younger employees had the opportunity to distinguish themselves in relay race along the alleys of the factory grounds.

A big concert in Salut's recreation hall Chayka was a worthy conclusion to the celebration day.


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