Lead-up period for Salut entering the full-scale production of PD-14 engine components: first phase completed

A year ago, Salut started the preparations towards the prospective PD-14 engine component production for a new MS-21 commercial airplane. The manufacturing program for the company was to include the engine central drive assembly and accessory gearbox (AGB) with shafting.

The first to come out from the workshop in 2013 were AGBs with shafting (3 assemblies). These were handed over to OAO Aviadvigatel, the product designer, for incorporation into a prototype engine and testing.

Since the beginning of 2014 and in pursuance of the program, Salut's specialists made headway with the first version implementation of the central drive assembly bringing the work to successful fruition with four complete sets of equipment delivered to the customer who, in the meantime, had been in receipt of two additional sets of AGBs thus making Salut's obligations fully honored in May.

Salut's nomenclature of PD-14 engine components is now undergoing in-house studies for the 2nd phase of the project. They will primarily have to do with changes in the component design layout as proposed by the customer. The modified design features have brought about the requirement of both new costly production tooling with long cycles of manufacture and a step-up in process sophistication.

With all the preparatory work for the 2nd phase now proceeding at full tilt, the first deliveries of modified components are to be expected in October 2014.


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