Salut successfully completes research and development of the new generation pyrolitic graphite based sealing components for prospective gas-turbine engines

The specialists of scientific-research engine building institute (NIID affiliate of FSUE Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC Salut) have completed the research for development of experimental process for production of submicron/nanoscale pyrolitic graphite based composite materials for prospective gas-turbine engines' sealing components.

The new technology facilitates improvement of operation and endurance characteristics of prospective gas-turbine engines as a result of employment of submicron/nanoscale pyrolitic graphite based composite materials with increased physical-mechanical properties in tribotechnical assemblies.

Presently, the affiliate institute's specialists in cooperation with OOO Virial have developed the experimental process of chemical vapor deposition of submicron/nanoscale isotropic pyrolitic graphite (IPG) based composite materials for production of the experimental batch of radial-face contact sealing components. Three sets of specimen IPG radial-face contact seals for the high-pressure compressor's frontal support have been produced. The specimens are being tested on AL-31F engine.

Employment of new materials for contact sealing components is required for ensuring reliability of aviation gas-turbine engines with oil chambers sealing, as well as the new generation engines with increased pressure gradients along the chambers' sealing, temperatures and engine life.


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