Saluts Branch in Voskressensk to launch a project aiming to enhance the production system

New production system outlines are under study at the machine-building plant Salut in Voskressensk with a start thereto given during the task-setting conference chaired by V.N. Novikov, Branch Director. The meeting was to define the main organizational issues and set up the working team for the project elaboration and follow-up.

Selected for the pilot implementation of the efficiency enhancement features were two workshop departments of the Voskressensk facility (involving CNC machine operation and assembly).

The project supervision will be entrusted to P.V. Zelentsov, who successfully completed in 2014 his training in the Production Management field at Salut's main facility. The methods, techniques and practical experience he mastered during the training period are now to be used for the benefit of the pilot departments with an eye for spreading them out to the whole factory.

The first phase of the project is to start in early April when the managerial staff of the Branch will acquaint themselves with principles and workings of the updated production system schedule.

Closing the meeting, V. Novikov pointed out that the Voskressensk factory has a high production growth potential, which is being steadily taken advantage of. I am sure that the implementation of the efficient production principles will give us another impetus to move further on in the way of higher competitiveness, said the Director.

From May to September 2015, specialists and managers from both the parent enterprise and its Voskressensk affiliate will be actively interacting and exchanging their field-work study results to ensure a smooth and down-to-earth transition to the novelties of a new production system.


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