A dedicated Seminar held at Salut from 24 to 25 June as yet another step towards implementing the In-House Center of Excellence for Gas-Turbine Engine Gearings

The advanced methods of geared wheel manufacturing were presented and discussed at a Seminar attended by designers and process engineers from the Russian companies of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) and experts from Klingelnberg (Germany). The event was intended to enable the bilateral exchange between gear production specialists so that our foreign colleagues could present their high-end technological know-how and have a direct feedback from the potential users of their products. After a series of presentations, our German colleagues offered more in-depth discussions within three workshops focusing on gear production issues, quality management and dedicated software. In the course of these fruitful discussions, the UEC engineers raised some specific software questions as to the possibility of having additional interfaces for external software products to account for temperature factors, bearing locations, lubrication, etc. The gear production workshop dealt mainly with performance characteristics of gear milling and gear grinding machines, as well as gear grinders for spur gear machining applications. The foreign experts appreciated the ad-libbing capability of Russian process engineers. If, for example, on the milling machines, you have to use mills with their quality leaving to be desired, you simply add an intermediate rough grinding operation, observed Dr. Hartmuth Mller, Chief Technical Officer - I find it an interesting solution. The Seminar participants suggested setting up a mechanism for exchanging valuable technological experience. The discussions around creep feed grinding technologies were also of special interest to the workshop participants along with the criteria to be considered when opting for this or that technology during the manufacturing process, quality management and measured data inspection issues. The German specialists agreed that there will be homework for them to be done in terms of facilitating the machine servicing procedures by possibly introducing the practice of servicing contracts to ensure the continuously smooth running of the machines. Yury Nurtdinov, Salut's Technical Director, expressed his gratitude for Klingelnberg's active participation in the Seminar. World-wide, your company is one of the few supreme authorities in gear production. Your experience can't possibly be ignored when creating the Center of Excellence at Salut, he added.


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