The engine is intended for installation on Yak-130 aircraft. Several engine modifications are available, among which AI-222-25F equipped with afterburner. The latter engine's application is for the aircraft using augmented thrust during the flight with 1.5 thrust augmentation ratio.
The AI-222-25 and AI-222-28 engines can additionally be equipped with thrust vector control systems. Depending on the airframe design, the system can provide all-round deflection of the jet stream up to 20 from the engine axis, as well as other possibilities.

Maximum thrust, kgf 2500
By-pass ratio 1.18
Air consumption, kg/s 49.4
Pressurization ratio into compressor 15.4
Maximum gas temperature before the turbine, K 1471
Length, mm 2238
Fan diameter, mm 624
Minimum specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf*h 0.63
Dry weight, kg 440

Yak-130 Multirole Combat Trainer Aircraft


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