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FSUE MMPP Salut has a reputation of being the innovation leader in the aviation industry. The experience in manufacturing sophisticated and high-technology aviation equipment is capitalized upon to collaterally produce high-quality and reliable consumer and industrial goods.

The use of our advanced technologies and cooperation with the leading world manufacturers of agricultural and industrial motors make the Salut brand name on these products a firm endorsement of their excellent fit with all international standards and customers' requirements.

Gasoline Generator Salut

The Gasoline Generator is a compact, portable and efficient 2.2 KW-rated electric installation, working on lead-free gasoline A-92. It enables the utilization of various electric equipment, radio and television sets without having to be connected to the mains. It can also be used for recharging the automobile accumulators.

Capacity 2.2 KW
Voltage 220 V
Type of fuel A-92
Operation time 2.5 h
Weight 27 kg

Boat Motor Salut E

The mounted boat motors are used for cruising on rivers, lakes and other water reservoirs insofar sufficient (more than 0.5 m) allowance can be made for depth

The Salut E boat motor is convenient for transportation purposes as its maximum size of 887 mm can be reduced to 327 mm by folding up the deadwood. A special backpack is available to facilitate its transportation.

Minimum depth required 0.5 m
Speed 8-12 km/h
Rated power 2 hp
Weight 11.5 kg

Canoe Taymen-2(3) T-3

The best-known and most popular canoe in Russia. Designed for touring and cruising on rivers, lakes and water reservoirs. Offered in two modifications: Taymen-2 (two- seater) and Taymen-3 (three-seater).

Length 5.7 m
Width 0.88 m
Load-carrying capacity 370 kg
Number of seats 3
Weight 40 kg

The product has the required certification. Sold under warranty. Servicing provided. Flexible discount system. Free delivery within Moscow.

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